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Are you willing to take advantage of the Second Internet Marketing Golden Age?

Thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals became millionaires using SEO and PPC to get hot leads for cheap. But that’s so 2009!

Unless you live under a rock, you know there’s a new kid in town now – Web 2.0 – or as it is better known as Social Media! Those using it are driving insane amounts of Quality AND Qualified Traffic to their sites each day.

Learn How YOU can take advantage of Social Media to grow your Business!

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Dear Friend,

If you run a business (either in the traditional sense or are self-employed), then getting people to your website or online presence is one of those things you (should) do on a day to day basis. It doesn’t really matter if you are an Internet Marketer, if you are running a mixed retail operation, if you are driving traffic to a physical location or if you are a professional who wants to both make a name for him or herself and build a list of potential clients.

You could be a 25 year old entrepreneur selling used computers … a lawyer charging $500/hour who is tired running ads in the local newspaper or maybe you represent an old mom & pop store that could use a new influx of prospects.

It doesn’t really matter. You need traffic because traffic is one of the two things that leads to revenue.

And after you’ve improved your conversion as much as you’ve could (and adding even 0.1% more means doubling or even tripling your costs), then the only thing remaining is to get your website, your message, your offer in front of the world.

It is the fuel you put in the “car” to get you where you want to get.

And this fuel may cost more or less … and it may be of premium or lesser quality.

It may be PPC which for most people is a huge investment that must return something … it may be SEO which theoretically should convert better than PPC but it rarely does … it can be blogging or guest blogging or forum posting which are about the same thing in the end or maybe it is offline traffic, using real banner ads and flyers to get people to your site.

In the end, it depends on the type of your business.

But what if there was one more type of fuel you can “pour” into your business, one which acts like a high octane kerosene at a very low cost in both time and resources?

You probably know what I am talking about. It is social media.

Social media is not so much about selling your prospect directly (as PPC) or about branding but more about building a community of fans (people who need or could benefit from your product), developing a long term relationship with them and transform them either into buyers, ambassadors (people who will promote your product to others through word of mouth) or why not  both.

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And because social media reached a certain degree of maturity, it can be used effectively to sell both B2C and B2B products.

Do you have an usual consumer product, like an ebook or a shirt or maybe some kind of gadget? Create a fan page on Facebook, use the right techniques to build a community, encourage engagement and then ask them to visit your site.

Are you a salesperson selling a high ticket B2B (business to business) product like a computer server, leadership training or a new piece of software?

Go on LinkedIn and show your expertise in the different groups there, connect with the right people and use LinkedIn’s paid feature – InMail as a way to cheaply contact hard to find leads – with far more chances to actually get a reply compared to direct mail or cold calling.

Are you selling a highly specialized product like a certain brand of hardware for chiropractors and you want your marketing campaigns to be as targeted as possible? Take advantage of LinkedIn’s amazing PPC ecosystem and you can display your ads to chiropractors of a certain age, in a certain geographical area without paying a cent more for the extra targeting (asking this to a list broker would cost you a hefty premium).

Or maybe you want to combine social media with SEO, so you will not only build a community but also take a few top spots on Google in the process? Google+ is the answer since it almost always takes a top position, which is a bit unfair but it’s something you can use.

The world of social media, of web 2.0 is more than posting photos on Facebook, writing in 140 characters or less what you’ve had for dinner on Twitter or creating a nice, professional looking profile on LinkedIn. It is one of the most versatile and cost effective methods known in the recent history and it allows you to build a brand around your product, reach the right people, spread news and information about your products and services like wildfire and of course, convert a part of these people in clients.

Or to be more specific, social media is going to become or already is the status quo of Internet Marketing. It is the new black, the one thing that works better than anything else.


Well, social media existed for a long, long time. It did not take birth with Facebook and Twitter and it will not end there either. There were social networks like Hi5 or MySpace long before it was an appealing product to businesses and consumers.

But now, in 2013, social media is replacing virtually every other Internet Marketing form.

  • Blogging is being replaced by micro-blogging or Facebook / LinkedIn posts.
  • Traditional PPC is being replaced by Web 2.0 PPC because it is far more targeted and likely to reach the right people.
  • SEO has become a jungle because there are way too many sites competing and it was replaced by social groups and forums, replacing keyword optimization with word of mouth marketing.
  • Article marketing is virtually dead and fewer and fewer people read sites like Ezine Articles and instead prefer to use the big three social media mediums for information – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

In other words, web 2.0 is the swiss knife of online marketing. It’s not perfect, it’s far from perfect, people are generally still used to not buying from a social media chanel but this is slowly and surely changing.

And when it does, you want to be on board. It may be a bubble or it may not but for the next three years at least, social media will evolve into one of the most sophisticated ways to reach your prospects ever invented in the history of marketing.


So What Stops You?

Well … probably you don’t have the time, money or knowledge on how to successfully run a social media campaign.

You are probably a busy entrepreneur or professional. You probably have a task list from here to Mars. And while all of this may sound nice, you simply don’t have the time to waste to find ways to make Web 2.0 work for you.

Or maybe you are not a technical person. All of this sounds nice but you may not know how to create an HTML page in Facebook or how to use PPC. This is usually the case if you have a brick & mortar operation that uses online traffic and you are not an Internet Marketer.

The reasons why you are not doing this already are many and they are valid.

However, as you may already know, everything worthwhile in your business was hard in the beginning. Marketing, sales, accounting, managing, branding, designing a website, outsourcing, negotiation … and every part of your business probably involved a learning process, sometimes fast, sometimes slow … sometimes fun, sometimes painful … but you’ve had to learn how to do things right.

So we’d like to help.

Who is “we”?

My name is Janet Johnson and I am the founder of “15 Minutes Social”. Together with 12 top experts from the social media field (don’t take my word, check the “trainers” page and you’ll see that each of these people is a master in social media marketing), we have created this training program.


Who are these people?

  • Jeremy Acosta – Social Media Marketing Manager.
  • Julia McAdoo – Social Media Strategist.
  • Karl Switala – Owner of Magnetik Marketing Solutions.
  • Katie Englund – Owner of Destiny Internet Marketing.
  • Linda Lam – Owner at 6 Degrees of Marketing
  • Lisa Saline – Social Media Consultant & Ace of Sales Affiliate Manager
  • Maryn Williams – Owner at Williams Strategic Inc.
  • Rebecca Metz – Owner at Fan Pages That Sells
  • Sandy Zeiszler – Technology Training Specialist and Owner at Moxz Clicks.
  • Scott Ayres – Social Media Manager at Post Planner & Owner of Facebook Answer Man.
  • Terry Bean – Chief Networking Officer, Publisher and Entrepreneur.
  • Pamela Muldoon – President of Next Stage Media Group & Radio Show-Content Marketing 360

These name may not mean much if you don’t know them personally. But if you take a look at just a few of these people did individually, you’ll soon understand that there is no better team on the planet Earth to teach you about social media.

  • Lisa Saline is the affiliate manager for Jeffrey Gitomer’s Ace of Sales software and has consulted hundreds of businesses in social media.
  • Scott Ayres is a top Facebook Marketing Expert – manages content for the well-known Facebook app: Post Planner
  • Terry Bean is the author of “The Universal Guide to Business Marketing”, one of the best books on the topic of networking and with a rating of 4.7 on
  • Jeremy Acosta was the head director of social media for VeerOut Dynamics Inc. In his role he created media campaigns, strategies, best practices and the overall online presence for this company.

These are not “gurus”.

When you think about a guru, you usually think of a guy who read a few books or got a degree in a certain field and now is getting paid to tell others what he knows.

No. These are people who are not only teaching social media, but are also achieving results for their own and for other companies. They are promoting themselves using social media and they achieve extraordinary results for their clients using this vehicle.

To find out more, just visit the trainers page at the top of the page in order to better understand how each one of them is uniquely qualified in order to cover all areas of social media.


What will you find in this training?

In a nutshell, it is an encyclopedia of how to create, run, maintain and benefit from the social media tools found online. It shows you how to market using the main services available, how to create a web 2.0 marketing plan, how to get people involved, how to sell to them, how to make them spread the word around and a lot more.

It is like a “Wikipedia” for becoming successful in using social media to generate leads & build communities for your business, containing over 100 lessons with actionable tips and in some cases, checklists on how, where, when and what found in this field.

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Want a sneak peak?  Below is a video demo of the training area so you can see it for yourself!



So how would you benefit from this training?

Well, I won’t lie to you. If you are 110% sure that you don’t have time to run a social media campaign of any kind, if you are so busy that even the critical aspects of your business are not well taken care of, you will probably not benefit from this course.

However, if you have about 15 – 20 minutes each day and you are willing to implement everything you’ll learn here, knowing with absolute certainty that these are the best practices about generating leads and building groups in social media and you could use a boost in traffic of 50 – 100%, then this course is the perfect fit for you.  You can focus on one platform first, like Linkedin or Facebook, then once you are comfortable and seeing growth there, move on to additional ones.

It will save you time (since you won’t have to go through trial and error and you can do directly what works), money (you will most likely get an ROI from day one, instead of wasting money on inefficient campaigns and on so called “experts”) and most importantly, it will help you build a framework for bringing traffic, one which can be expanded or resized based on your business’s current needs.


What Is Your Investment?

The financial investment for this course is ONLY $197 One-Time Payment (a $94 discount off the monthly) or 3 Equal Monthly Payments of $87.

The other investment is your time. We have designed this course so it will take you no more than 15 to 20 minutes to understand the lesson and actually apply it. Of course, some lessons will take more time than others (as not everything here is a quick fix and some are big level strategies you’ll use probably in the next few years) but in average, it should not take you more than 20 minutes to add the next brick to your social media machine.

Is that a lot of time?

I don’t know.  As I told you earlier, if you feel like you are not on top of things and others things are ignored, things more important than getting more clients to your business, then yes, it is. If your orders are not fulfilled correctly or if you have a technical problem on your side that is losing you money on a daily basis, then you should focus on fixing that first.

However, if that’s not the case and you have a reasonable 20 minutes each day, as almost all people have, then in under a week you can have up and running a social media platform to generate traffic for your business … and in under a year I’m willing to bet that 90% of your traffic could come from the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Is $197 a big investment?

Here’s what some of our current members have to say about our program.

dr robert miller

jill reiter schaefer


wendie pett

chritine degrammont


“Plus, You Can Sleep Better At Night Knowing That You Are Protected By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee”

It’s probably no surprise that we offer a guarantee.

Every training course offers one in some way or another. However, this one is special. Why?

First of all, you have a full 60 days to ask for a complete refund if you are not 100% satisfied with the program. If after one entire month you feel like everything we’ve said is worthless for you for whatever reason whatsoever, we are going to rush you all your money back, no questions asked.

Second, we don’t need a reason for providing you with a refund. We hate bureaucracy and I guess you hate it too. So if you say that the course is not right for you, we’ll simply believe and take your word for it. We won’t try to change your mind – you know better if it’s right or not for you.

So what do you have to lose? In the end, if we are not everything we say to be, just ask for your money back and in less than 60 days you’ll also receive it. It’s that simple.


Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level Using Social Media?

You’ve probably heard this so many times that it seems a cliche.

However, while most people think social media is for socializing … it is really not. Both Facebook and LinkedIn transformed them into business tools. Facebook introduces promoted posts and LinkedIn transformed it’s vast contact list (more than 200,000,000 active users) into a very effective contact list for sales people through InMail.

Both of these services realized that advertising alone won’t help them survive and slowly but surely, they are transforming their business model to accommodate you, the business owner to get in touch with your prospect and sell him as effectively as possible.

For only a $197 investment or three equal payments of $87, you can get a blueprint, a map of getting the most out of it today. 

And for such a low investment, you can develop a long lasting vehicle that will help you drive traffic to your site which in turn will be transformed into customers or fans. It does not really matter what you are selling, social media can help you promote almost any kind of business you have, from e-commerce to public speaking.

The idea remains the same – people who see what you’ve got to offer plus how persuasive you are = sales = revenue. Social media improves only marginally conversion (even if it’s proven to convert better than most other mediums) and it increases the people metric dramatically.

So don’t wait a second more. Jump on the social media wagon and see what it can do for you right now!


To Your Online Success,
Janet E. Johnson – Founder of 15 Minute Social




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